About Artilim

Since 1995, I’ve fall in love with fine arts. My first love was masterpieces of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and since I got interested in web development at the same time; the only natural outcome was that I begin creating online gallery of Renoir’s paintings. This hobby of mine, after some tries and improvements, becomes a Renoir gallery that is still alive.

While I was building this site, I learn more about Renoir and some of his friends and coworkers and I liked Claude Monet very much. So, it didn’t seem fair to me that I’ve built site for Renoir and not for Monet :) So… another online gallery was created and I called it Monetalia.

And that wasn’t enough for me. I loved the whole Impressionism movement; I loved paintings from Sisley, Morisot, Pissarro and others… I thought I should build an Impressionism gallery, but this time I was a bit lazy ;) My logic was if I keep expanding my art interests I will end up building site, after site, after site… So, why not I build a universal gallery where I can add as much artists and their painting as I can get?

And this is how the Artilim was born! :)

This is still a work in progress. Actually, this work will probably never end and will grow indefinitely. So any help is welcome, especially ideas how to improve it or how to fix potential errors.

I hope you’ll enjoy and share my love for arts.

More about me on my Google Profile.