Alessandro Allori (1535 - 1607)

Alessandro di Cristofano di Lorenzo del Bronzino Allori (May 3, 1535 - September 22, 1607) was an Florentine portrait painter of the late Mannerist Florentine school, the pupil and adopted son of Bronzino Allori. Alessandro is the father of Cristofano Allori (1577-1621). His son Cristofano was one of the leading Florentine painters of his period, working in a style that was more naturalistic and Baroque than that of his father.

Alessandro Allori was one of the most prolific and active painters in late sixteenth-century Florence. His father, a sword maker, died when Allori was five, and the painter Agnolo Bronzino was made guardian of the family. Allori was brought up and trained in art by his uncle, Angelo Bronzino, whose name he incorporated into his own name.

Alessandro Allori Paintings

Allegory of Human Life Portrait of a Woman Portrait of a Young Man St Peter Walking on the Water The Body of Christ with Two Angels