Cristofano Allori (1577 - 1621)

Cristofano Allori (October 17, 1577 – April 1, 1621) was an Italian portrait painter of the late Florentine Mannerist school.

Allori was born at Florence and received his first lessons in painting from his father, Alessandro Allori, but becoming dissatisfied with the hard anatomical drawing and cold coloring of his father, he entered the studio of Gregorio Pagani (1558-1605) who was one of the leaders of the late Florentine school, which sought to unite the rich coloring of the Venetians with the Florentine attention to drawing. Cristofano was working in a style that was more naturalistic and Baroque than that of his father.

Cristofano Allori Paintings

Portrait of a Man The Hospitality of Saint Julian