Jan the Elder Bruegel Paintings

Alphabetical list

  1. Aenaes and the Sybil in Hades

  2. Ambush in the Woods

  3. Bay with Ship of War

  4. Bouquet

  5. Bouquet

  6. Bouquet in a Clay Vase

  7. Bouquet of Flowers

  8. Bridge at Talavera

  9. Busy Village Street with Resting Travellers

  10. Circe and Ulysses

  11. Coastal Landscape with the Calling of the Apostles Peter and

  12. Coastal Landscape with the Sacrifice of Jonas

  13. Coastal Landscape with the Tomb of Scipion

  14. Equestrian Battle near a Mill

  15. Fish Market on the Banks of the River

  16. Flemish Dairy Farm

  17. Flowers

  18. Flowers in a Vase

  19. Forest Landscape with Travellers

  20. Garden of Eden

  21. Gathering of Gypsies in the Wood

  22. Going to the Market

  23. Great Fish-Market

  24. Immense Landscape with Travellers

  25. Landscape of Paradise and the Loading of the Animals in Noah

  26. Landscape with the Chateau de Mariemont

  27. Landscape with the Young Tobie

  28. Landscape with Windmills

  29. Leto and the Lycean Peasants

  30. Mountain Landscape with the Temptation of Christ

  31. Mountain Landscape with View of a River Valley

  32. On the Road to Market

  33. River Landscape

  34. River Landscape with Landing

  35. River Landscape with Resting Travellers

  36. Rustic Landscape with Inn and Travellers

  37. St Martin

  38. Still Life with a Cop, a Crown of Flowers and a bouquet of F

  39. Still-Life with Garland of Flowers and Golden Tazza

  40. Tazza with Flowers

  41. Temptation of St Anthony

  42. The Adoration of the Magi

  43. The Ambush

  44. The Animals Entering the Ark

  45. The Battle of the Amazons

  46. The Crucifixion

  47. The Flood with Noah's Ark

  48. The Great Bouquet

  49. The Holy Family

  50. The Interior of the Cathedral of Antwerp

  51. The Original Sin

  52. The Original Sin (detail)

  53. The Rest on the Flight to Egypt

  54. The Return from the Hunt

  55. The Sense of Hearing

  56. The Sense of Hearing (detail)

  57. The Sense of Sight

  58. The Sense of Taste

  59. The Storm at Sea with Shipwreck

  60. The Tower of Babel

  61. The Visit to the Farm

  62. The Way of the Cross

  63. The Wedding Feast

  64. Travellers on the Way

  65. Travellers on the Way (detail)

  66. Village Entrance with Windmill

  67. Village Street with Canal

  68. Village Wedding

  69. Villagers on their Way to Market

  70. Wedding Banquet

  71. Windmills