Lucas Cranach the Elder Paintings

Alphabetical list

  1. A Prince of Saxony

  2. A Princess of Saxony

  3. Altarpiece of the Holy Family

  4. Christ and the Adulteress

  5. Christ and the Adulteress (detail)

  6. Crucifixion

  7. Crucifixion

  8. Diptych with the Portraits of Luther and his Wife

  9. Hans Melber

  10. Housealtar of Count William II of Hessen

  11. Hunt in Honour of Charles V at the Castle of Torgau

  12. Judith with the Head of Holofernes

  13. Madonna and Child

  14. Old Man and Young Woman

  15. Old Woman and Young Man

  16. Portrait of a Man

  17. Portrait of a Saxon Prince

  18. Portrait of a Woman

  19. Portrait of a Woman (detail)

  20. Portrait of a Young Girl

  21. Portrait of a Young Man

  22. Portrait of a Young Woman

  23. Portrait of Anna Cuspinian

  24. Portrait of Anna Cuspinian (detail) 1

  25. Portrait of Anna Cuspinian (detail) 2

  26. Portrait of Dr. J. Scheyring

  27. Portrait of Dr. Johannes Cuspinian

  28. Portrait of Dr. Johannes Cuspinian (detail) 1

  29. Portrait of Dr. Johannes Cuspinian (detail) 2

  30. Portrait of Frau Reuss

  31. Portrait of Johannes Geiler von Kaysersberg

  32. Portrait of Martin Luther

  33. Portraits of Duke of Saxony and his wife Katharina von Meckl

  34. Portraits of Johann I and Frederick III the wise

  35. Portraits of Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon

  36. Salome

  37. Samson's Fight with the Lion

  38. Saxon Princesses Sibylla, Emilia and Sidonia

  39. Self-Portrait

  40. St Catherine of Alexandria and St Barbara

  41. The Annunciation to Joachim

  42. The Crucifixion with the Converted Centurion

  43. The Fountain of Youth

  44. The Fountain of Youth (detail)

  45. The Fountain of Youth (detail)

  46. The Fountain of Youth (detail)

  47. The Fountain of Youth (detail)

  48. The Fountain of Youth (detail)

  49. The Martyrdom of St Catherine

  50. The Martyrdom of St Catherine

  51. The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine

  52. The Paradise

  53. The Rest on the Flight into Egypt

  54. The Trinity

  55. The Trinity

  56. Virgin and Child

  57. Virgin and Child (detail)

  58. Young Mother with Child