Hans Il Giovane Holbein Paintings

Alphabetical list

  1. Adam and Eve

  2. Christina of Denmark, Ducchess of Milan

  3. Darmstadt Madonna

  4. Darmstadt Madonna (detail)

  5. Darmstadt Madonna (detail)

  6. Darmstadt Madonna (detail)

  7. Darmstadt Madonna (detail)

  8. De Vos van Steenwijk

  9. Diptych with Christ and the Mater Dolorosa

  10. Double Portrait of Sir Thomas Godsalve and His Son John

  11. Edward, Prince of Wales

  12. Erasmus

  13. Henry VIII

  14. Henry VIII and the Barber Surgeons

  15. Jane Seymour, Queen of England

  16. Lais of Corinth

  17. Noli me Tangere

  18. Portrait of a Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling

  19. Portrait of a Man Holding Gloves and Letter

  20. Portrait of a Member of the Wedigh Family

  21. Portrait of a Member of the Wedigh Family

  22. Portrait of Anne of Cleves

  23. Portrait of Benedikt von Hertenstein

  24. Portrait of Bonifacius Amerbach

  25. Portrait of Catherine Howard

  26. Portrait of Charles de Solier, Lord of Morette

  27. Portrait of Derich Born

  28. Portrait of Dirk Tybis

  29. Portrait of Dorothea Meyer

  30. Portrait of Duke Antony the Good of Lorraine

  31. Portrait of Edward, Prince of Wales

  32. Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam

  33. Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam

  34. Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam Writing

  35. Portrait of Henry Howard, the Earl of Surrey

  36. Portrait of Henry VIII

  37. Portrait of Henry VIII

  38. Portrait of Jakob Meyer zum Hasen

  39. Portrait of Jane Seymour

  40. Portrait of John Chambers

  41. Portrait of Lady Margaret Butts

  42. Portrait of Lady Mary Guildford

  43. Portrait of Margaret Wyatt, Lady Lee

  44. Portrait of Nikolaus Kratzer

  45. Portrait of Simon George

  46. Portrait of Sir Henry Guildford

  47. Portrait of Sir Nicholas Carew

  48. Portrait of Sir William Butts

  49. Portrait of the Artist's Wife

  50. Portrait of the Merchant Georg Gisze

  51. Portrait of Thomas Cromwell

  52. Portrait of William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury

  53. Robert Cheseman

  54. Sir Brian Tuke

  55. Sir Richard Southwell

  56. Sir Thomas More

  57. St Barbara

  58. St Ursula

  59. The Ambassadors

  60. The Ambassadors (detail)

  61. The Ambassadors (detail)

  62. The Ambassadors (detail)

  63. The Ambassadors (detail)

  64. The Artist's Family

  65. The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb

  66. The Last Supper

  67. The Oberried Altarpiece (left wing)

  68. The Oberried Altarpiece (right wing)

  69. The Passion

  70. The Passion (detail)

  71. The Passion (detail)

  72. The Passion (detail)

  73. The Passion (detail)

  74. The Passion (detail)

  75. The Passion (detail)

  76. The Passion (detail)

  77. The Passion (detail)

  78. The Passion (detail)

  79. The Solothurn Madonna

  80. Thomas Howard, Prince of Norfolk

  81. Unknown Gentleman with Music Books and Lute

  82. Unknown Young Man at his Office Desk

  83. Venus and Amor