Simone Martini Paintings

Alphabetical list

  1. Altar of St Louis of Toulouse

  2. Blessed Agostino Novello Altarpiece

  3. Blessed Agostino Novello Altarpiece (detail)

  4. Blessed Agostino Novello Altarpiece (detail)

  5. Blessed Agostino Novello Altarpiece (detail)

  6. Blessed Agostino Novello Altarpiece (detail)

  7. Blessing Christ

  8. Boston Polyptych

  9. Boston Polyptych (detail)

  10. Cambridge Altarpiece

  11. Cambridge Altarpiece (Detail)

  12. Cambridge Altarpiece (Detail)

  13. Cambridge Altarpiece - Madonna and Child

  14. Christ Returning to his Parents

  15. Crucifix

  16. Guidoriccio da Fogliano

  17. Guidoriccio da Fogliano (detail)

  18. Guidoriccio da Fogliano (detail)

  19. Guidoriccio da Fogliano (detail)

  20. Guidoriccio da Fogliano (detail)

  21. Life of St Martin: Burial of St Martin

  22. Life of St Martin: Consecration of the Chapel

  23. Life of St Martin: Division of the Cloak

  24. Life of St Martin: Meditation

  25. Life of St Martin: Miracle of Fire

  26. Life of St Martin: Miraculous Mass

  27. Life of St Martin: Saint Martin Renounces his Weapons

  28. Life of St Martin: St. Martin is Knighted

  29. Life of St Martin: The Death of St. Martin

  30. Life of St Martin: The Dream of St. Martin

  31. Life of St Martin: The Miracle of the Resurrected Child

  32. Madonna and Child

  33. Madonna and Child (from Castiglione d'Orcia)

  34. Madonna and Child (from Lucignano d'Arbia)

  35. Madonna and Child between St Stephen and St Ladislaus

  36. Madonna and Child with Angels and the Saviour

  37. Madonna in Glory with Musician Angels (detail)

  38. Madonna of Mercy

  39. Maestà

  40. Maestà (detail)

  41. Maestà (detail)

  42. Maestà (detail)

  43. Maestà (detail)

  44. Maestà (detail)

  45. Maestà (detail)

  46. Orvieto Polyptych

  47. Orvieto Polyptych (detail)

  48. Orvieto Polyptych (detail)

  49. Petrach's Virgil, title page

  50. Pisa Polyptych

  51. Pisa Polyptych (detail)

  52. Pisa Polyptych (detail)

  53. St Andrew

  54. St Anthony and St Francis

  55. St Catherine and St Lucy

  56. St Clare and St Elizabeth of Hungary

  57. St Elisabeth, St Margaret and Henry of Hungary

  58. St Francis and St Louis of Toulouse

  59. St John the Evangelist

  60. St Ladislaus, King of Hungary

  61. St Louis of France and St Louis of Toulouse

  62. St Mary Magdalene and St Catherine of Alexandria

  63. The Angel of the Annunciation

  64. The Annunciation and Two Saints

  65. The Annunciation and Two Saints (detail)

  66. The Annunciation and Two Saints (detail)

  67. The Virgin of the Annunciation