The Little Country Maid (1882)
painting 469 of 617 by Camille Pissarro

The Little Country Maid (La Petite Bonne de Campagne), 1882 by Camille Pissarro

Information about painting

The room is in Pissarro's house at Osny, near Pontoise, where the artist moved in 1882. The child seated at the table is almost certainly Ludovic Rodolphe, the artist's fourth son. The two works hanging on the wall at the left have been identified as one of the artist's pastels of 1881 and a Japanese painting on silk. The composition is striking for the number of objects cut off at the sides. The technique, with its range of colour and shimmering brushwork, anticipates Pissarro's neo-Impressionist works of the later 1880s.