Peter Paul Rubens Paintings

Alphabetical list

  1. Adoration of the Shepherds

  2. Altarpiece of St Ildefonso (right panel)

  3. Assumption of the Virgin (detail)

  4. Assumption of the Virgin (detail)

  5. Bethrotal of St Catherine

  6. Boy with Bird

  7. Chateau de Steen

  8. Christ at Simon the Pharisee

  9. Christ on the Cross

  10. Christ on the Cross between the Two Thieves

  11. Christoffel Plantin

  12. Dance of the Peasants

  13. Daniel in the Lion's Den

  14. Deborah Kip and her Children

  15. Descent from the Cross

  16. Descent from the Cross

  17. Descent from the Cross (centre panel)

  18. Descent from the Cross (detail centre panel)

  19. Descent from the Cross (left wing)

  20. Descent from the Cross (outside right)

  21. Descent from the Cross (right wing)

  22. Duke of Lerma

  23. Four Studies of the Head of a Negro

  24. Head of a Franciscan Friar

  25. Helena Fourment with a Carriage

  26. Hippopotamus and Crocodile Hunt

  27. Isabella Brandt

  28. Lamentation of Christ

  29. Landscape with a Rainbow

  30. Landscape with a Rainbow

  31. Landscape with Cows

  32. Landscape with the Ruins of Mount Palatine in Rome

  33. Lion Hunt

  34. Marie de Médici, Queen of France

  35. Mars and Rhea Silvia

  36. Massacre of the Innocents

  37. Meeting of Mary and Elisabeth (detail)

  38. Old Woman with a Basket of Coal

  39. Portrait of a Chambermaid

  40. Portrait of a Woman

  41. Portrait of Gaspard Schoppins

  42. Portrait of Helena Fourment

  43. Portrait of Jan Gaspar Gevartius

  44. Portrait of Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria

  45. Raising of the Cross (detail)

  46. Raising of the Cross: Sts Amand and Walpurgis

  47. Return of the Prodigal Son

  48. Rubens, his wife Helena Fourment, and their son Peter Paul

  49. Self-Portrait

  50. Self-Portrait

  51. Self-portrait

  52. St Francis of Assisi Receiving the Stigmata

  53. St James the Apostle

  54. Stormy Landscape

  55. The Artist and His First Wife, Isabella Brant, in the Honeys

  56. The Cardinal Infante

  57. The Crucified Christ

  58. The Death of Seneca

  59. The Duke of Buckingham

  60. The Emperor Charles V

  61. The Flagellation of Christ

  62. The Four Philosophers

  63. The Incredulity of St Thomas

  64. The Last Communion of St Francis

  65. The Martyrdom of St Stephen

  66. The Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek

  67. The Road to Calvary

  68. The Straw Hat

  69. The Three Crosses

  70. The Triumphal Car of Kallo

  71. The Village Fête

  72. The Virgin and Child in a Garland of Flower

  73. Triumphal Entry of Henry IV into Paris

  74. Virgin and Child

  75. Virgin and Child

  76. Virgin in Adoration before the Christ Child

  77. Woman with a Mirror