The biography of Antoine Vollon (1833 - 1900)

Antoine Vollon (1833 - 1900) was a French Realist painter. Before he mastered the still lifes, Antoine Vollon also painted marine ports, landscapes and fishermen.

Antoine Vollon was born in Lyon on 20 April, 1833 and died in Paris on August 27, 1900. He began his career in Lyon, where he learned engraving on metals and attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon (1850 – 1852). He had begun to concentrate on his own work by 1858 when he joined a group of Romantic artists based in Lyon, including Francis Verney (1833-96), Fleury Chenu (1833-75), Joseph Ravier (1832-78) and Joseph and Jean Antoine Bail

In 1859, Vollon moved to Paris where he met many artists including the Realist painters François Bonvin and Théodule Ribot, who encouraged him to paint genre and still-life scenes. Vollon also become a friend of Alexandre Dumas, who accommodated him at his place on the Norman coast.

Vollon was best known for his still-lifes, in which he frequently depicted objects stored in his studio. Painted in a vigorous style, these still-lifes range in palette from pastels to vibrant reds.

His son Antoine (1865-1945), who worked under the name Alexis Vollon, painted genre scenes and still-lifes but he did not achieve the success of his father.