Philips Wouwerman (1619 - 1668)

Philips Wouwerman (1619 - 1668), was a Dutch Baroque painter of animals, hunting, landscapes and battle scenes, best known for his studies of horses. He painted several hundred pictures, of varying excellence, but characterized by brilliant color, vivacity, and excellent composition.

Wouwerman (also Wouwermans) baptized May 24, 1619, Haarlem, Netherland. Wouwerman is credited with more than 1,000 pictures, but many of these were painted by his brothers Pieter (1623–82) and Jan (1629–66) and by many other imitators. The most celebrated member of a family of Dutch painters from Haarlem, where he worked virtually all his life, he became a member of guild of painters at Haarlem in 1640.

Philips Wouwerman Paintings

Cavalry Battle in front of a Burning Mill Dune Landscape Rider's Rest Place Riding School Rocky Landscape with resting Travellers Scene in front of an Inn Stag Hunt in a River The Horse Fair The White Horse Two Horses