Joseph Wright (1734 - 1797)

Joseph Wright (1734 - 1797) was an English landscape and portrait painter. He has been acclaimed as “the first professional painter to express the spirit of the Industrial Revolution”.

On his return from Italy he established himself at Bath as a portrait-painter, but meeting with little encouragement he returned to Derby where he spent the rest of his life. Hannah died in 1790 but Wright continued to paint up until his final year. Wright died on 29th August 1797 at his new home at Derby, where he spent his final months with his two daughters.

Joseph Wright Paintings

A Philosopher Lecturing with a Mechanical Planetary An Italian Landscape with Mountains and a River Earthstopper at the Bank of Derwent Experiment with the Air-Pump Firework Display at the Castel Sant' Angelo in Rome Indian Widow Landscape with Rainbow Miravan Opening the Grave of his Forefathers Portrait of Mrs Abney Portrait of Sarah Carver and her daughter Sarah Portrait Of Susannah Leigh Romeo and Juliet