Ignacio Zuloaga Zabaleta (1870 - 1945)

  • July 26, 1870
    Eibar, Spain
  • October 31, 1945
    Madrid, Spain

Ignacio Zuloaga y Zabaleta (1870 - 1945) was a Spanish genre and portrait painter noted for his theatrical paintings of figures from Spanish culture and folklore depicting of traditional Spanish characters, including peasants, Gypsies, and bullfighters.

Ignacio was born July 26, 1870, in Eibar, near the monastery of Loyola, in the Basque country near Bilbao, Spain. He was the son of a successful metalworker and damascener Plácido Zuloaga and grandson of the organizer and director of the royal armoury in Madrid.

Ignacio Zuloaga Zabaleta Paintings

A Lady With A Fan An Elegant Lady Fanning Herself Picture of Lola with a Dress of White Flowers Portrait of a young woman